Selling a business is complicated and time-intensive! However, with the right expertise you can successfully navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Preparation is an essential component of successful deal. We will coordinate all closing activities with minimum disruption to your business while maintaining high confidentiality.

Regardless of your circumstances and reasons to sell, you have devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to build your company. A well designed exit strategy will maximize your company’s value and ensure your legacy will live on long past your exit.


1. Business Valuation & Owner Interview: Owner provides 3 years of certified financial statements, a complimentary valuation is prepared. Valuation is presented and explained to the Business owner.
2. An Exclusive Listing Agreement is signed. Our team creates a confidential business profile
3. Targeted Marketing & Listing of Business: Business is listed on our web site as well as industryleading web sites.
4. Potential Buyer Interview & Qualification: narrow down the pool of candidates based onqualifications and financial capability.
5. Introduction of Buyer and Seller: Buyer gains necessary information to submit a contingent offer
6. Buyer submits contingent offer and provides escrow deposit.
7. Buyer Due Diligence: once an offer is accepted we will coordinate due diligence process. Seller provides full disclosure of asset balance sheet, contracts and pertinent information. We work with accountants, attorneys and lenders to keep process efficient and focused.
8. Preparation of closing documents: All final documents will be reviewed and finalized by buyer’s and seller’s advisors
9. Closing. Buyer, Seller and Broker meet for signing final documents. Money is transferred.

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